This page is showcasing finished jewelry that customers have created with our custom-cut gems. ‚Äč Have you have had, or made a piece of jewelry with one of our Precision Gems, and have a photo, we would love to add it to this gallery. Contact us to make arrangements.

This page is under construction, check back soon.

Red Spinel Pendant
Made by David Klass
Inspired by the movie Love Actually

Spinel 1.08 ct. from Tanzania

Emerald (Lab Created) Ring
Made by Hunt Country Jewelers

Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Made by Leon Mege

Blue Zircon Ring
Made by Lisa Hunter Jewelry

Tourmaline Ring
Made by Holly Hague Designs

This unique ring uses one of my Afghan Tourmalines (1.665 ct.) accented with vitreous enamel.

Montana Sapphire Ring

0.985 ct. 5.75 mm