Free Downloads

On this page are files you can freely download. Just click on the image to the left of the description to download the file.

Gemology Calculator

A spreadsheet program that calculates the Optic Sign, Birefringence and specific Gravity of your stone based on a few simple measurements.

Mac, iPad, iPhone version. Requires Apple Numbers spreadsheet app. The will download as a ZIP file.

Beware of Where you Look for a Dog or Puppy

A one page PDF file of information on where to and not to buy your next dog

Recomended Tools for Gemstone Identifcation

The following are all tools and references I use and recommend. I don’t recommend cheap tools typically found on eBay.

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Unlike old-fashioned calcite dichroscopes, which only provide fuzzy colors, Professional Gem Tools dichroscopes contain high quality optics that allow the user to actually examine the stone.

Professional Gem Tool's patent pending design eliminates secondary internal reflections. This provides a clear and sharp image when viewing the stone.

Available from Colorwright

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Gemology Tools Pro

Gemstone Software for the Professional Gemologist, student or gemstone enthusiast.
Includes Gemstone Database of over 500 gems, gemstone separator, inclusion gallery and much more.

Available from Gemology Tools Pro

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Gem Identification Made Easy

Very handy reference book, good for all levels. Find it on Amazon

Antoinette Matlins

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Gemstone Refractometer
Gem LED gemstone refractometer with built in 589nm monochromatic filter. Directly and easily readable scale of 0.01 delineations from 1.30 to 1.81 nD. Accuracy 0.005 to be interpolated. Made in Germany.

System Eickhorst