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What’s New at Precision Gem

I'm getting ready for the trip to Tucson, so there most likely won't be any new listings until I get back. I plan to take a lot more pictures than I have in the past and will publish them on the site, and also Tweet along the way, so follow me on Twitter if you are interested in some insight on the Tucson shows.

This small parcel of Blue Zircon from Cambodia came in this week, and I finished one of the stones. The cut stone is a little under 2 cts to give you a perspective. The parcel should cut between 1.25 and maybe 3 carat stones.

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You can now use Apple Pay through iMessage to pay for your stones. To pay with Apple Pay, you must of course have an iPhone and be running the latest IOS 11.2 or newer. During checkout, select Apple Pay Cash as your payment method. You won't be billed anything until I receive your order email, at which time I'll text you a payment request. Make sure you include your iPhone cell number or email associated with your iMessage account.

Here's some more information on this new payment method from Apple

I added a Discussion page to the site, where you can log in with your existing FaceBook, Twitter, Google or Disqus account and leave comments, feedback or pictures of your finished jewelers with your Precision Gems.

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Tucson is always a nice time for me, not only shopping for all the rough, but also meeting all my friends again. Every year I would always enjoy seeing David Pearl. David was a great rough dealer, but an even better person. You couldn't meet him with out smiling. We spent many hours haggling over rough prices, but always ended over dinner.
This year Tucson won't be the same with out David who passed away.

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Currently I am not taking on any commissioned work. Watch this page as new stones are added as I cut them. Updates are normally made every week.

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For many of the stones I am including Video's of the stone. When you see this Icon below the pictue of the stone, then there is an icluded Video. Just click on this icon to see it. Since the files are pretty high resolution it may take a few seconds to load.

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Coupon codes are back!

With the new shopping cart, I can have some more options, so there may be some new codes coming. Right now I have set up the “No return” coupon code again.
The code is: NORETURN, using this code, you will get a 5% discount, but there is no return privilege on the stone then.
The coupon code is entered in the shopping cart.

Follow on Twitter as from time to time I will Tweet out a Coupon Code for special sales.

Latest Cut Stones at Precision Gem

I am cutting new stones every week. After 3 or 4 are cut, I will post the new stones on this page, along with some comments and maybe even a video about them.
When I make a new posting I will always do a Twitter tweet about them, and send out a notice on the email list. We may at times do a Periscope live feed of the stones where you can ask questions and see them live.

  • Gem 1961 - Spessartite Garnet

    Gem 1961 - Spessartite Garnet

    1.985 ct. Spessartite Garnet


  • Gem 1962 - Yellow Zircon

    Gem 1962 - Yellow Zircon

    2.720 ct. Yellow Zircon


  • Gem 1963 - Perdot

    Gem 1963 - Perdot

    2.205 ct. Peridot


  • Gem 1964 - Malaya Garnet

    Gem 1964 - Malaya Garnet

    5.625 ct. Malaya Garnet


Cut Stones - Video

Videos are taken with defused full spectrum light using SOLUX bulbs.

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