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On this page are all the cut stones I currently have in inventory. To see more information about a stone, click on the picture, this will take you to a detailed description of the stone, and any additional photos. All photos are taken using SOLUX bulbs that are color balance to a warm daylight at 4700 deg K.

All videos unless otherwise noted, are taken outdoors in the shade with only natural light.

New Gems are added every week as I cut them.

Memorial Day Sale

All stones that are either RED WHITE or BLUE are marked down.


For stones returned, and paid for with PayPal or a Charge Card, there will be a restocking fee of 3.49% for sales in the USA, and 5.16% for sales outside the USA. Avoid this by using either Apple Pay Cash, Wise Transfer or a Check.

Questions about the new Store & Shopping Cart

  • What does "Pre-Order" mean

    You may see some stones that are sold, but have this tag. It means it's a stone that I could cut another one like it. Normally you will see this on Lab Created gems, but also at times on natural stones if I have the rough available to duplicate it.

  • Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash

    Precision Gem can now accept Apple Pay, and Apple Pay Cash. There is a difference however.

    If you use Apple Pay, you will bypass the screens in the shopping cart where you would add your address and select a shipping method, and go right to processing the payment. The shipping method will default to the least expensive method, which in most cases will be USPS First Class Mail insured.

    Apple Pay Cash is lives in Apple's iMessage app and exists with Wallet. With Apple Pay Cash, I will send you a payment requiest by text. Since there are no fee's, the is no restocking fee if you should decide to return the gemstone.

  • You can select what kind of Gem container you want

    Square Glass Top

    Round Plastic

    Square Plastic

    Gem Paper

  • Loyalty Rewards

    You may have noticed on the edge of the screen a new icon. This is for the new Loyalty Rewards program. You can earn points by making a purchase, taking part in various surveys I will add, and referrals by either email, or through social media.

    For every purchase you now make, you will earn 1 point for every dollar. These can then be redeemed and used to make future purchases.

    This program is limited to the first 100 people who sign up for it. After about a year, I will delete any accounts that have less than 200 points to make room from new active customers.

    If you make a purchase, and then return the stone, the points will be removed from that purchase from your account.

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